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Masto Cable Lubricating System 36-76mm

Only high pressure ensures effective internal cleaning and lubrication with heavy duty lubricant.

Lubrication with the aid of brushes, rags, gloves or by other means is costly, risky and ineffective. The lubricant forms a film on the surface which water vapour can penetrate, thus become trapped. Temperature changes cause condensation and rust then begins to form from the inside. A wire rope can appear to be in good condition, when in fact corrosion and friction are destroying it from the inside. It's useful life i shortened and it becomes potentially dangerous. Even factory lubricated wire rope requires regular relubircaiton.

Key Features

The Masto lubicator is easy to use. Split seals are fitted around the rope and clamped in place by the two halves of the lubricating chamber. The unit is couple to a high pressure lubricating pump via flexible hose, and lubricant is forced into the lubricant chamber. The unit is anchored by two chains to a convenient, stationary object. The pump is started and the wire is pulled through the lubricator. Authorities now recognise the value of effective lubrication. Masto-lubircated wire ropes on lifeboats, cranes and deep diving equipment, for example can be certified for longer service. The Masto Lubricator is portable, but it can also be mounted permanently, for example by installing a lubricating chamber on each lifeboat rope with a T-coupling.


  • Improves Safety
  • Prevents Accidents
  • Prevents Wire Rope Failure
  • Extends Rope life

Areas of applicatons Offshore, shipping, industry, fishing, mining, armed forces, construction, power stations, cable-ears, elevators, ski lifts, diving, ROV, seismic operations etc. In certain cases the Masto Lubricator can be used on stationery ropes by moving the lubricating chamber along the tope. Masto can lubricate two ropes simultaneously.

Technical Specification

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