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Series 52 EO Male Connector.

Unsure of the size/configuration you require? Please consult the Burton user guide by clicking here to view the size/configuration options.

Key Features

Exclusive construction of these patented WATERMATE™ electrical connectors permits underwater plugging and unplugging with electrical power de-energized.

  • Pressure rated up to 20,000 psi or equivalent to maximum 45,000 feet of seawater.
  • Pressure balanced for easy engagement and disengagement in high pressure.
  • Body is specially formulated neoprene rubber.
  • Contacts are beryllium copper.
  • Electrical specification similar to Series 51 and 53.


Some typical uses of underwater pluggable WATERMATE™ Plugs, Receptacles and Connectors are in power and/or control circuits for:

  • Underwater instrumentation and control packages
  • Underwater cameras
  • Sonar equipment
  • Underwater electrical power distribution systems
  • Underwater lighting systems

These underwater applications are frequently found in: • Diving bells • Submarines • Ships • Diving helmets • Submersible pumps

For offshore marine installation of moorings, dock facilities, petroleum production platforms, etc.

Technical Specification